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3/17/17 04:54 am - ice storm

light pollution
reflecting from ice clouds
is a day-like nightlight no one likes

the pure light of the waning moon can't shine through

so here's a garbage salmony-orange para-suburbanoid illumination


she said, eyes rolling

)with dread(

here we are, safe from stars when the clouds go

4/23/16 03:27 am - Prince

He was a HUGE part of my identity when i was an alternapop-resistant teen in the 90s. His music was part of my rural white rebellion, and it helped me feel confident. I loved the swagger feeling that came with so much of it. It was exuberant and fun and sexy.

i'm not exaggerating when i say that i listened to only his music for much of my time in high school. i diversified for the last year & a half or so, but he still had a prominent place in the rotation. the mid/late 90s was a fantastic time to be a fan. i so wanted to be Mayte. i got bangs cut. they didn't look good on me, but i loved them anyway.


i drew a tiny O(+> in purple pen every morning, on my ankle. a little protective talisman.

My high school yearbook's "bought space" says "welcome 2 the dawn" to me, bless my sweet parents. i was a little embarrassed about that from time to time, but at this PRESENT MOMENT, i am proud.

My timid li'l freak flag, finding a place to fly from.

"Solo" (from the album, "Come") is on repeat here, with others, streaming, based on some of what i once had. Solo is such a GORGEOUS example of what his voice was capable of. It echoed out our windows tonight, out into the rain.

THE GOLD EXPERIENCE, though. It is my favorite album. It was on my Amazon list to replace. I did not yet replace it. I have regrets about that, but not as many as i have about not keeping up with his newer work (watched him on saturday night live in '14) and not being active with him on social media (as much as i generally dislike it) -- apparently he had been, uncharacteristically, communicating with fans openly on Twitter. i had always assumed it was a fool's errand.

he had also begun work on his memoirs.

he had also reconnected with many people from his past.

i am writing about someone who seldom looked back, always ready to create whatever was next, charging into the future.

The Gold Experience will become affordable again. I can wait. The songs all live, start to finish, in my mind anyway.

but the missed opportunity to tell him how much i loved his work, and to any appropriate extent, him...

i'll just have to become okay with that.

i hope he knew just how loved he was.

the "craze" that happens posthumously is disturbing to me.

DON'T PLAY ME comes to mind, which i owned as the B side to The Truth single.

i try to emotionally embrace people who seem like johnny-come-latelies (as I must to anyone who didn't know me through high school).

5/21/13 12:50 am - i miss the '90s. we went backwards. a lot.

but, yes, good progress in a few areas. right now my mind is in the post-riot grrl, plenty-of-websites-to-find-good-rock-music-by-girls-and-for-girls place. when the internet was far less heavily populated.

sparse population: apparently that's all i really want in any area of my life.

ps - i found a pair of HUGE 90s clodhoppers at the by-the-pound Goodwill this weekend, and i'm feeling nostalgic as a result, apparently. funny how something as insubstantial as shoe styles can take you back to a very specific memory of popular culture.

5/2/13 05:00 pm

Being in a bad mood SUCKS.

That's all for now.

ps - fuck fb. let's come back here

11/17/08 01:04 am - Oh,


2/3/08 01:46 am - Geezers need excitement.

If their lives don't provide it, they incite violence.

Common sense.

Simple common sense.


10/2/07 02:07 pm - so i guess i'm in the mood to actually post more often for now

hay guise!!! i'm crawling out of depressed-land in order to tell the world about the wonders of...


if you want to clean your tub, all you need is a brush, some vinegar, and...


if you want your teeth and tongue to feel cleaner and sparklier (y'know, the way yer tub looks now), y'know what you put on yer toothbrush before you sploot the toothpaste on it? that's right...


if you're almost out of shampoo, or if your shampoo is unsatisfactory to you, here's something you can add to it to make it stretch and/or make it more cleansariffic:


there's also something you can put in the laundry to make your detergent more powerful! it's


DO NOT PUT BLEACH ON YER TOOTHBRUSH. although...on a message board i lurk on for laughs some woman was using a MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASER on her teeth. also, one night many of the women were SWISHING OIL FOR 20 MINUTES because someone read this would whiten teeth, and insisted that it worked for her. this is the same message board where there was SHOW PLACEMAT DRAMA.

lOOk at this (may be ***NSFW***):

8/6/07 01:50 am - Singing Tesla Coil at Duckon 2007

i found this on YouTube, so i'm cheating by posting it remotely, but it was too cool to resist sharing. there's an explanation here on YouTube, and it's really interesting.



8/1/07 11:54 pm - Hey, we're back -- and everyone's fine.

We've been back for a little while, actually. I was putting off posting here for no reason, until disaster struck this evening in the Twin Cities...apparently a very large highway bridge over the Mississippi collapsed during the end of rush hour today. We had no clue until the announcers on the Twins Radio Network mentioned that tomorrow's game and the groundbreaking for the new stadium would be postponed due to "the I-35W bridge tragedy." So we looked it up on the Star-Tribune website and watched CNN for a bit and Ben called his family and friends there, and eventually we found out that everyone we knew was accounted for and ok.

Whew. I'm really freaked out by that happening, and we've been out of the area for over a week. I wanted everyone to know we're ok, though.


Paris's roots are like, soooooo bad. Just because you've been in jail most of the month doesn't mean you can get away with such awful, awful grooming. Someone is SO not a Smooth Susan right now. tsk, tsk.

And she's probably got...BODY HAIR!!! OMGWTFBBQ 1st stop, electrolysis clinic!!!  "ew ew ew!!!" 

What's weird is that I'm reading Foxfire, and Legs just got out of juvie.  Like night and day:  Legs Sadovsky and effin' Paris Hilton.

And here is the Mayor of Tiny Town hat. Only $148.  I think mine was $8.  Wherever it is...  :(

I *heart* my Dr. Who brothers.
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